Host ICAPP2011 Organizing Committee
Date December 1 (Thu.) and 2 (Fri.), 2011
Venue Pacifico Yokohama, 3rd floor Conference Center
Program See here for details. English(9.3 MB)

This international conference was held for the purpose of reconstructing Japan by using photonics polymers. In the conference, photonics specialists both in Japan and from outside of Japan engaged in comprehensive discussions, to investigate the viability and direction to realize photonics polymer system integration.

During the academic session and poster session, there was a proactive exchange of opinions by specialists in the photonics field from various countries including Japan, such as South Korea, the U.S., Canada, Holland, Sweden, and Romania.

In the special session on the theme of Japan's reconstruction of the second day, participants discussed with panelists from industry, government, and academia as to what kind of reconstruction should be pursued to build a disaster-resistant society, based on the research presentations at the academic session over a day and a half. 

This was an unprecedented conference, which was attended by the approx. 600 people, not only discussed science and technology but its relation to human living.