Posted on 2011/112011/11


Japan was greatly damaged by the Great East Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011. This conference, through the experience from this disaster, was established under the unifying desire of how we can contribute to Japan’s recovery with photonics polymers. Japan has led the world by laying out optical communication network. However, family and friends were not able to communicate with each other for a long period of time during the disaster, which fully made us realize the fear of natural disaster, the importance of the early recovery of information infrastructure, and the necessity of establishing an information-sharing network/system between each individual.

In this conference, we would like to propose photonic innovation in order to materialize “a society where individuals interact with each other”, what we yearn for through our experience of this disaster. We will seek for specific measures at this conference that will lead to Japan’s recovery, by introducing cutting-edge technologies working together with 30 researchers of photonic field representing the world who supports this purport. Also, at the special session held in the afternoon of the second day, we invite key players from all fields of industry-government-academia and discuss the cross-industry collaboration in order to establish an infrastructure focusing on photonics polymers. We will also systemize its challenges and each element technology, and discuss the approach on research development hereafter towards industry’s creation.

Chair, Yasuhiro Koike