Posted on 2011/112011/11

Special Session (14:00, Dec. 2; Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation)

1. Introduction

"Towards Reconstruction of Japan based on Information Industry Supported by Photonics Innovation"
Seizo Miyata
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Program Officer, JST S-Innovation Program

2. Greeting

Masuo Aizawa
Executive Member, Council for Science and Technology Policy Cabinet Office, JAPAN

3. Special Talk

Expectation from Industry
"Creation of Novel Industry by Innovation"
Kakutaro Kitashiro
Senior Advisor, Japan IBM

4. Special Talk

Photonics Innovation from International Society
“Laser Spectroscopy in the Detection and Treatment of Human Malignancies”
Katarina Svanberg
President of SPIE, Professor, Department of Oncology, Lund University Hospital and Lund University Medical Laser Centre, Sweden

5. Panel Discussion
Discussion I: Discussion and Proposals by Photonics Polymer Academia

Toshikuni Kaino
Secretary General, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, Professor, University of Electro-Communications

Session Chairs

Discussion II: System Integration and Realization towards High-Speed Information Society and Creation of New Industry

Seizo Miyata
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Motoyuki Ii
SVP Plant Planning Department, Network Business Headquarters, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation

Osamu Sawada
Chairman, Net One Systems

Hiroto Izumi
Secretary General Regional Revitalization Bureau Cabinet Secretariat, Visiting Professor Keio University, Visiting Professor National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Francois Kajzar
Professor, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Yasuhiro Koike
Professor, Keio University