Posted on 2011/112011/11

Greeting Message (9:00, Dec. 1)

Michiharu Nakamura
President, Japan Science and Technology Agency

Special Remarks (9:00, Dec. 1)

Duncan T. Moore
Vice Provost of Entrepreneurship, Kingslake Professor, Optical Engineering, Professor, Business Administration, University of Rochester

Plenary Talks (9:30, Dec. 1)

"Benefits of Telecommunication Technology in Applied Optical Spectroscopy"
Sune Svanberg
Professor, Lund Laser Center, Lund University, Sweden and Center for Optics and Electromagnetic Research, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China, Former Chairman of Nobel Prize Committee in Physics

"Status of Photonics Polymer toward Face-to-Face Communication"
Yasuhiro Koike
FIRST Core Researcher, Professor, Keio University