Yasuhiro Koike

Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
Director, Keio Photonics Research Institute
Ph.D. in Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Keio University
1989 - 1990
Research Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories
1997 - present
Professor at Keio University
2010 - present
Member of Board of Councillors, Keio University
Research Activities

1995 - 1998 
Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology "High-Speed POF Project", Project Leader
1998 - 2001
Project Leader of "Plastic Optical Fiber Project, Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan   (Budget of Posts and Telecommunications)
1998 - present 
General Chair of International Cooperative of Plastic Optical Fiber (ICPOF)
2000 - 2005 September

Research Director of "Koike Photonics Polymer Project", Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology (ERATO), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
2005 October - 2011March

Research Director of Koike Photonics Polymer Project, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) ERATO- Solution Oriented Research for Science and Technology (SORST) 
2010 March-2014 March

Core Researcher, Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program)   
Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), International Technology       Award -Fred O. Conley
Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association, Kenjiro Sakurai Memorial Prize
Nikkei BP Technology Award, Information System Prize
Office of Naval Research 50th Anniversary, Distinguished International Lecture
Award of Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan
The Fujihara Award, 2002 The Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan
The Incentive Award of Takayanagi Foundation for Electronics Science and Technology
Purple Ribbon Medal from Palace
The 2007 MOC Award
"Nice Step Scientist" by National Institute of Science and Technology Policy for distinguished contribution "Fundamental research and realization of high-speed plastic optical fiber" to the science and technology in 2009.
The Mukai Award
SID Special Recognition Awards

Tetsuya Toma

Deputy Director, Keio Photonics Research Institute
Associate Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University

Born in Tokyo
Master of Science in Engineering, Keio University     
Joined Sumitomo 3M Limited
Transferred to 3M Company (the headquarter) in the United States
Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency
Associate Professor, Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University
Deputy Director, Keio Photonics Research Institute
Researching about

Prof. Toma has been researching on "Face-to-Face Communication System" at KPRI.  As its representative applications, telemedicine and medical education are the major themes to co-work with medical doctors in School of Medicine, Keio University, and some of our systems are moving forward to practical uses; such as a large-sized 3D rear projection system for medical education.  He also researches on designing a system of high speed optical home network using GI-POF developed by KPRI.  He is working closely together with industrial experts, including optical connector and peripheral device manufacturers.
Research Field

Market creation by developing advanced communication systems for broadband society

Project Management Professional (PMP)®
Committee Member

International Committee Member, ICPOF
Deputy Chairman, POF Consortium
Director, PMI Japan Chapter
Laser Lighting Display Committee, Laser Society of Japan
Belonging Academic Society

Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association (JTTA)
Japan Society for Medical Education (JSME)
Japan Association of Medical Informatics (JAMI)
Project Management Institute (PMI)
Sign Dance (Gospel Hula with sign language)

Azusa Inoue
Project Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Engineering, Keio University
2008 - 2010
Postdoctoral fellow, Kyushu University
2010 -
Project assistant professor, Graduate School of Keio University
2014 -
Project Senior Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Keio University
2018 -
Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Keio University
Research about

My research interests include understanding light-matter interactions (light scattering) in graded-index plastic optical fibers (GI POFs) and creating novel optical interconnects with scattering-controlled GI POFs for proliferation of optical fibers in consumer households.
Research field

Light scattering, Optical fiber, Laser, Optical Interconnect, Radio over Fiber (RoF)